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downsizing sale
Hey guys, need to downsize and am wanting, well, need to let some things go. Prefer to sell to someone in the region who can come by and get anything they want.
Traditional archery gear, Bear 60lb recurve, Wing 45lb recurve, shafting, quivers, arm guard, gloves, broadheads, stringer etc. asking $300 for lot.
.22 Springfield semiauto rifle, $50
.38 Special S&W 4inch brass, primers, bullets $125 Sold
7mm magnum Ruger 77. with 2-7 scope. brass, primers $400
MEC reloader 12/20guage primers, $75
Rockcrusher reloader. $40
Dies for .357, ?41, 7mm remingotn magnum $10 each
6 foam snow goose dekes, $25
3-4 dozen plastic dekes, mallard, pintail, $50
lg, salmon landing net, $10
8 Victor D-9 decoys, mallard, canvasback, bluewing teal, $75
3/8 inch wire core rope for long lines, 100's of feet $20 Sold
Grizzly bandsaw with 6inch riser, $250 Sold
13foot sneak boat with trailer, $500
1980 E-150 Ford van, $500 SOLD

If any interest please email, can talk on phone if need more info.
Thanks, Kevin
Imagine, these birds, wonders of beauty all, which may have flown thousands of miles, now come to my decoys for my pleasure and table.

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Kevin Weir: Aug 12, 2010, 2:00 PM

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