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Re: Brad Taylor (NC)
Man I'm missing being over there. Pretty sad when you lock yourself out as administrator. I can still read the threads over there, I just can't post. Here's a boat I just finished up for a NC gentleman the frist of May. Take a look at the seat I came up with, you'll see why it made me laugh when I saw the fella's thread about the seat design he had. It makes for a perfect running/fishing seat.

(Note...I also did the front of the cockpit, you can see the cover propped against the garage door, like the Hellcat which I'll continue doing)

With that being said I'm finishing up another DH for a different NC gentleman right now. After that I'm taking a page from you, I'll be building a boat for our local DU chapter to raffle off. We're hoping to get the trailer and motor donated. Also going to toss in a shotgun (proably a Charles Daly), a dozen decoys, life jackets, etc... and call it the duck hunting starter

After those get done I'm hoping to get started on another prototype. I've drawn up plans for a one man boat and a 17' mudmotor version. Not sure which one I'll do first, not to mention my wife and I are expecting our first! Probably going to be putting a severe crimp on my boat building time come January (LOL).

Good to hear from you and keep those boys straight until I can get back (hopefully!)


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