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Steve's pictures and text part 1
1 - Draw profile onto body and bottom board.

2 - Lay out plan view of bottom board; round the stern.

3 - Saw profile on bottom board - leave 1/4" to secure block until later.

4 - Saw out plan view of bottom board.

5 - Bottom board is now ready for shaping.

6 - Saw out body profile by starting with neck elevation. Proceed with profile then plan as with bottom board.

7 - Body ready for marking with reference lines.

8 - Check against plans.

9 - Ready for hollowing bottom board.

10 - Mark upper edge and hollowing area on bottom board.

11 - Mark center line and flat-tish area on bottom board.

12 - Mark lower edge, perimeter, center line and hollowing area on body.

13 - Mark "ridges" along wings and shoulders (scapulars).

14 - Screw hardwood (maple) cleat to bottom board.

15 - Machinist's vise is mounted on bench corner to allow access from many angles.

16 - A nice sharp draw knife does almost all of the shaping.

17 - Make lots of chips, shards and shavings!

18 - The draw knife can take off razor-thin slices.

19 - Shaping is complete - all done with draw knife so far..

20 - Smooth with the block plane - it is always tangent to the curves so avoids digging or hollowing.

21 - Bake the branding iron in the Defiant until it glows.

22 - Burn it deep. Rock it slightly left and right and up and down.

23 - Orbital sander with 40 grit smooths everything nicely for now.

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