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Steve's pictures and text part 3
49 - I use 3 escutcheon pins - solid brass - to keep body halves from sliding during glue-up.

50 - Press them with pliers into the body (not the bottom board) fore and aft - leave them about 1/4" proud.

51 - Snip them off at an angle.

52 - Leave about 3/16 showing.

53 - Then press the 2 halves together - without glue - to check fit. Mark several reference lines around the perimeter.

54 - I use a single padded wood clamp held in my vise. Padding is wrapped with cellophane tape so epoxy will not stick.

55 - I use a marine epoxy thickened with colloidal silica (Cabosil).

56 - I mix to a consistency of mayonnaise.

57 - I drill a pilot hole into the head (slip hole has already been drilled through body).

58 - Spread glue thoroughly and generously on both head and neck area.

59 - Screw head to desired position then spread glue on both body halves.

60 - Clamp firmly - but don't go crazy - so glue eases out and joint appears tight all around perimeter.

61 - Scrape excess off with tongue depressor or putty knife but do not wipe aggressively with a rag because it could pull glue out of the joint. Let cure overnight.

62 - Shave perimeter with an older X-acto blade - no need to dull good edges for this job.

63 - Sand with coarse grit ACROSS the seam - to maintain body contours.

64 - Entire seam should be tight without any gaps.

65 - I leave the neck contours until last. It is the most challenging and the most satisfying. Make sure the curves look fair from every perspective.

66 - Neck view # 1.

67 - Whole bird - starboard view.

68 - Neck view # 2.

69 - Neck view # 3.

70 - Whole bird - port side. ready for sealer....

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