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Re: "increased mobility"
Tom is correct. It is a Four Rivers "Migrator".

This is a photo of how it is "tendered" to and from duck camp. The Phowler tender boat has an extended front deck with split bench seats in the aft. Using folded U-Haul quilted shipping blankets it rests back, lower on the deck and two seats. This position is very aerodynamic going down the road.

Tendering on the water requires more room in the boat. Therefore, it is moved forward on the extended deck and supported by three quilts. It is strapped down "significantly" and fits the shape of the boat so well that there is very little chance for any wind to "get a grip" on it. Towing is physically much simpler, but I have a pulley/wheel setup that allows me to get it up there alone. I am 75 years old and still can get it up......the boat that is. Ha!.

Here are a few steps in putting it up on the deck after a hunt. The board on the deck has a keel roller on one end.

The folded "padded bunks" work well because there is nothing to hinder getting the small boat in the correct position first.

The ducks just don't see it very well.


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