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Jumping Jack Flash aka Jackie Boy
Well, I guess we all know that this day is coming. even when our pups are 8 weeks old. We know that it's coming because a dog's life is short...way too short. I don't know why they can't live longer like a lot of other animals. Just doesn't seem fair....

Jack was my first hunting dog. With my son being 16 months and a daughter due in two weeks, a lab seemed like the perfect dog to have as part of the family. And perfect he was. Everyone loved Jack. He was so calm and friendly. Like most labs, he loved everyone. I had a lot of first with Jack. First goose, first band (which he retrieved), first Grouse, first ducks - multiple species.

I'm not a fan of long stories or long good-byes. I'd like to share a few pic.....and know that I feel each and everyone's pain with the loss of their best friends. I miss Jack terribly....there's never a dry eye when I look at a photo of him. RIP Jackie Boy. I love You....fetch 'em up.


Hunting the Barnegat Bay

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Jack and Kyle placed 2nd in their division at the Tuckerton Gunning and Decoy show Dock jumping contest.

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No words.....A very special heartfelt thanks for Steve Lessel for taking this photo. It sits in my office where I look at it everyday.


Jack's last retrieve and a BB hen that Kyle shot. I thank God that we saved this bird and we are doing a tribute mount to Jack with it. He was so happy holding that duck...[inline]

Barnegat Bay Waterfowlers

Sedge Island Gunning Decoys

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