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Safety on the water.
A couple of duck hunters are lost in Virginia on the James River. Apparently they ended up in the water and the search has now become a recovery effort. The extreme cold and ice has made this extremely difficult and the tools normally used such as side-scan sonar is not possible due to the ice. Until it warms up it will be a waiting game.

I have had some close calls duck hunting and have gone overboard as well as having minor mishaps like flooded waders and so on. I had a younger brother whose boat sunk in icy water and though he was in the water only five minute he was totally played out and weak when we drug him into our boat. He was just about to give up when we got to him. He did not even have the strength to yell for help and had trouble hanging on to a goose decoy that was holding him up.

We often take things for granted and feel we could climb back on board. It just is not that easy. A simple thing like failing to attach a kill switch or not wearing a PFD can get you killed. Especially as cold as it is now. Recently a navy SEAL died on the Chesapeake Bay when he fell out of a kayak. Despite his extreme physical fitness and training he was overcome by hypothermia. If it can happen to him I know it will happen to someone like me a lot easier.

I have watched dozens of water recovery operations and they are very sad for the family and friends. Especially when the bodies are not found quickly. I strongly recommend everyone wear a PFD at all times. Even if you fall overboard and eventually die from exposure you sure make it a lot easier to recover your body. I hope this reminder is taken seriously and do not take things for granted.

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