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Re: Safety on the water.
UPDATE 01/21/21 (TJB) I held off from posting anything to this thread but after my 48 years of duck hunting on the open lake and reflecting on all the stupid things I have done I would say going out on the big lake without a life jacket on is probably the worst. Not just from the standpoint of one's own safety but also from the prospective if something does go wrong and you end up in the drink who else is now part of your mess. I have been a law enforcement officer for 40 years now with a good majority of my time spent as a death investigator and it does matter dead is dead whether you are found the same day or in a week or 6 months later it does not matter to you.

Unfortunately, this is not true for friends and family left with no closure and for the first responders who are responsible for looking for you. I have seen all the extremes of someone going in the drink. From people being pulled out and being OK, to folks being found for 5-6 months later. This has been with people I knew, strangers and also one that involved the death of a friend during a recovery effort.

So Just some thoughts to make things safer and better for everyone involved if you find yourself in the drink. YES I HAVE VIOLATED EVERYONE OF THESE IN THE PAST

#1 Life Jackets we should all wear them and they should be a bright color (orange) with a light and whistle unless you are jump shooting from a canoe or other sneak type endeavor and camo is needed. Having to locate someone with an orange life jacket on in a one and a half to two foot chop is bad enough in the daylight. Never mind at night and it being a camo life jacket with no light
This pertains to both getting you out quick enough for you to survive and that if the worst happens minimizing the chance of someone else getting hurt or dying looking for your body.

#2 let somebody know where you are going and when you get off the water (this one I do religiously). If you change, your plans let somebody know, this is rather easy now with todays technology.

#3 If it cold (single digits) two boats are better than one. I have been on both ends of the tow rope and it is a good feeling to know your all set rather the calling the CG or Sea tow. We were remind of this that last day of the season when a friends boat caught on fire.

#4 No duck or goose is worth your life. If it is two crappy out to be on the water stay home.

As I indicated, I have violated all of these in the past, not something I am proud of just a fact, hopefully someone will read these messages and take note.

JC thanks for starting this thread and causing me to reflect on the past. I will be making some changes going forward.
Everyone please be safe !!

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