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Re: Safety on the water.

I't is so true about water safety. Once I was hunting the Hudson River with a friend. We were on the banks of a Island. The weather was cold with lots of ice on the River. It was low tide and very windy. A few black ducks flew over the decoys and we knock down one. It was floating to the other side of the island. My friend wanted to jump in the boat and go get the duck. I told him no! I will walk out and pick the bird up. The water wasn't even a foot deep on the side of the Island we were hunting. Little did I know at the time the other side was a whole lot deeper. I took about five steps on the other side and went down ten to fifteen feet in the icy River. My friend thought I was gone forever. The only thing that saved me is I had a wader belt on. The air in my waders made me float to the top. Ware a belt with your waders and a life jacket. You don't have to be in deep water to lose your life.
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