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"Water Aspiration"
The other day a friend and I went clamming with his two dogs. As we clam, the dogs make retrieves in to the bay. The one dog went for a retrieve and took a mouthful of water- "Water Intoxication". The dog stopped the retrieve and swam directly back to shore and just stood there. The dog was laboring to breath and his eyes began to get cloudy. Fortunately, the dogs owner knew how to give the dog mouth to mouth.(nose).

After the first couple of breaths in to the dog, some water came out of it's mouth. At the same time we had elevated the dog's hind legs. After about 10 minutes of monitoring the dog, occasional breathing in to its nose, the dog's eyes cleared up and breathing returned to normal. He did take the dog to the vet that day as precaution and the vet prescribed and antibiotic to take considering it had swallowed water and the possibility of infection.

Wanted to share the story, as someday, your dog may experience such and hopefully you will know how to respond to save the dog's life-

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