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Update your waterfowl wealth
During the course of this cold snowy winter and wet spring. I wanted to look through the hundreds of old photos that I have. I found so many great memories of me and my old hunting partners. Pictures an memories that I forgot I even had. I'm not going to lie, some brought tears to my eyes. Some of my hunting buddies that were taken way to young. Hunting dogs that were my best friends for many years. Duck blinds that we built , pictures of old hunting camps , ducks and geese and deer being grilled for all. Waterfowl wealth that know one could ever take from me. There were pictures of boats that I couldn't even get into now days. It was great looking back on all the good times that I had. Seeing old friends faces that I only could see in my dreams. But the one thing I really took a way from all this get memories. Was I still love the same things. I might have a better boat, more guns, better decoys etc. But for the most part at 58 years young. I am still the same man today. Wealth is measured in so many different ways. But I 'm here to tell you. Money could not buy the kind of memories I looked back on. I'm sure all of you are rich with waterfowl wealth. Your friends and family are lucky to have such a wealthy person in their lives.

anthony sr

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