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Re: Auto Parts from Mechanics
Kyle, I may want to get some contact info from you for your Scottsboro mechanic. This summer has been a killer for me for auto repairs. So far I've dumped close to 10k on auto repairs with a good portion of that fixing up Jeff's Toyota pickup. It irritates me when I have work done on that truck because it takes mechanics FOREVER to make repairs. They view it as a "project" vehicle and only work on between daily driver jobs. It makes me angry when my vehicle perpetually is the last in line yet I do not get a lower shop rate. If my vehicle is a lower priority to them then I should get a discounted rate, or get fixed as fast as the other vehicles if I'm paying the same. I hope I am about through with the needed repairs and will be moving on to the body work and interior work. I am doing a lot of that myself and the body shop I use is first-come-first-serve so I won't get treated like a second class citizen.

Appreciate everyone's input. Lots of interesting viewpoints and situations.

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