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New Member from South Dakota (with a ducker)
Hello! Short time lurker here! My name is Kyle Hauck. I live in Rapid City, SD with my Wife, three beautiful kids (BGB) , and 4 labs (YF, YM, YM, CF). I am the owner and operator of . That is my fall job. During the summer I fight fires on a hand crew with the Black Hills National Forest, but we travel all over the western US. I have an education degree in Biology and Earth Science so in the offseason I substitute teach. I also work part time at Cabelas as an archery technician and do subcontracting for finish carpentry. I obviously love to duck hunt! I also enjoy hunting upland bird, deer, elk, turkey, etc. I hate fishing.

I will start by saying in Saskatchewan I HATE hunting water. Give me a dry field all day long! I also hate people that hunt the water roosts where my ducks for field hunts are supposed to come from. That being said, Saskatchewan has spoiled me for duck and goose hunting in western South Dakota where it can be lacking so now I am venturing out to hunt smaller less accessible spots and rivers and really enjoy primitive small spread hunting which brings me here.............2017 I stumbled upon a first model year Alumnacraft Ducker. I purchased it from a local gentleman (for $200) whose Grandfather had purchased it brand new. No oars unfortunately and it looks like it has been duck hunted in for 50 years. That fine with me I bought it for hunting, not a museum piece. I took it out once and it does indeed leak through several rivets. I came here for knowledge and searching as I figure out how to restore it.


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