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Re: New Member from South Dakota (with a ducker)
Bill Clark wrote:
Welcome Kyle, you have a lot to hate here, a lot of us are not as lucky as you to have nice hard fields to hunt in, we have to hunt in ugh water!!!!!. Anyway if you hate water that much how about selling me that ducker, i'll give you your money back and maybe buy you lunch.
Kidding aside i am sure you have some great stories and info to pass along. Please don't tell me you hunt with plastic blow molded decoys and a spinning wing atrocity.
Sent to you from duckless ohio.

I use thousands of those atrocities and usually have one or two motorized decoys. Some spinning, some flapping.....Ninja . I also utilize a lot of sock decoys for a quick setup.

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Kyle Hauck: Feb 13, 2019, 7:32 PM

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