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Re: New Member from South Dakota (with a ducker)
Welcome Kyle!

reriveting is a pretty simple thing. My dad helped me do it when we reriveted a 14ft jon boat and two 15 ft canoes. It is a noisy process but easy if you have two people.

Basically what we used was rivets, the rivet clampy thingies (not the technical term but basically it's a bunch of clamps that line up all the holes for your pieces you are riveting together), a bucking bar, rivet gun and a little 5200. The canoes needed new ribs and the 5200 was added just around the holes for a little "extra". I'm not sure it was really needed but close to 15 years later, the canoes are both still going strong and mine gets beat up pretty hard.

When we reriveted the boats, we drilled the old rivets out, cleaned both surfaces really well that were going to be mated back together, added a little bit of 5200 around each hole, put the pieces together using the rivet clampy thingies to line up all of the holes and then started with one on the bucking bar (back side of the rivet and at least for us in the most uncomfortable position) and my dad on the rivet gun. We moved from rivet clampy thingy to rivet clampy thing, tossing each one into a little bucket of cleaner to get any 5200 that might be on them. It was loud obnoxious work but pretty easy. I don't know how you would do it with one person and I am SURE someone here knows how to do it.

Anyway, welcome.......


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