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Re: New Member from South Dakota (with a ducker)
Nice ducker. I bought one several years ago from the Grandson of the founder of Ducks Unlimited (or so he said).

Like you, mine was used heavily and its last few years were spend sitting in the muck the entire season - left in the elements. So, like you again, I had many leaking rivets. I ended up taking a different approach that was quite easy to do and held up as long as I owned the boat (I since sold it). I learned online that West Systems GFlex adhesives work great for resealing rivet leaks. Pretty simple to use. Mix Part A and B together. Place mixed product over the leaking rivet (I did it on the outside, could probably do it on the inside as well - I don't know). Do several at one time. Then take a heat gun nd heat each rivet where you placed the adhesive. You will watch the metal heat up and the adhesive flow right into the rivet hole thus sealing it forever.

Just sharing an alternative to resetting rivets.


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