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Re: Notre Dame cathedral fire-NDR
Rick and Guys,
A couple of my thoughts on the Notre Dame fire.

1) How eery it was to see the stained glass rose window illuminated from within... by fire!

2) Every Humanities 101 class in college will have to adjust its greatest example of Gothic architecture from what was to what is.

3) France is one of the most secular countries in the world. It was heartening, however, to see so many French people on their knees, in public, on the pavement, praying and singing Christian hymns, including Ave Maria, loudly and proudly. Perhaps this might stir a spiritual renewal in France?

4) Especially since this is Holy Week, I think this fire created a bond among Christians worldwide. We all know the value of these historic churches. But the partial destruction of Notre Dame harkens back to Jesus' comments about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem that would take place about 37 years later in 70 AD: "destroy this temple (referring to his body) and in three days I will raise it up."

Buildings, including churches are important, but not most important!

May Notre Dame be rebuilt and may The Faith be rekindled!


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