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Re: Notre Dame cathedral fire-NDR
Ken, how many tragedies, most involving loss of life as well as property in this country are or were NOT followed by prayer vigils to mourn the loss of life and property? Our country has suffered massive floods, horrific tornadoes, hurricanes and man invoked tragedies in the form of mass shootings at houses of worship, schools, work places, entertainment venues that, in all instances, have been met with quite similar spontaneous displays of empathy, public grieving and condolences. I would counter your statements by proclaiming that we Americans actually behave at our best in the immediate response interval to these tragedies. Consistently, average human beings, as individuals as well as in spontaneous and organized groups, have stopped in the middle of these moments of chaos and destruction to rescue people and diminish loss of both life and property. Volunteers and NGO aid groups have flocked to the site of damage to aid in rebuilding efforts and to care for those displaced. YOU see what you look for. Have we really lost OUR way? Or, have we become so callous to these events that we fail to make note of the prayer, and consequent mass gatherings, as well as individual acts of fellowship and outreach that occur spontaneously in the wake of these events... Is our attention span now eroded to sound bite interval length?

I would advance that we have "lost our way" when we support, fail to actively challenge, and directly or indirectly condone the divisive, often deceitful serial lies, distortions, and antithetical behavior of a president and administration who seek to divide, disturb and destroy normal discourse as a routine means of distracting the Public's focus, while working to achieve an end-goal of erosion of Public unity and shared perspective to take action to deal with the difficult, but not insurmountable core problems confronting this Nation. Unlike DJT's claims, I did not see huge groups of Muslims celebrating in the interval after the 9/11 attacks, nor did anyone else. I did not advance a false claim that my predecessor was not an American. I do not hold my press as the "Enemy of the People, or State'. I don't demonize those who are not members of my specific political ideological faction, simply because they disagree with me irrespective of party affiliation. Nor do I attack my political opponents, Republican and Democrat, in an effort to diminish them individually in the Public's eye, often simply to feed the hate within my base of political support. IF, we have 'lost our way', as you state, that departure and/or deviation has occurred via erosion o civil discourse, as well as civil debate and discussion, and has been directly and consciously damaged, as well as indirectly condoned via the tone and tenor set and displayed by the chief executive. All you need do to secure an example of his stark departure from the norms of communication can be achieved via a comparison of the inauguration speech iterated by our current resident of the White House with those of ALL previous president's inauguration speeches.

I am not buying the gloom and doom story that DJT is selling...because there is no past-tense interval in our history that I want to reconstruct or revisit, particularly via the means and tactics he advances as acceptable behavior.

As the woodsman's saying goes: You have to know what the woods look like, to recognize the unusual...and, that, requires that you pay attention consistently to your surroundings and not allow distractions to interfere with your insight.

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