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Re: Notre Dame cathedral fire-NDR

It never ceases to amazes me the number of people who claim President Trump is full of lies and whatever. If there was a truly bipartisan discussion that would present both sides of the last two years and have an honest discussion, that is what would heal this country. Talk about collusion and conspiracy and you don't have to look any farther than the democrats and the left wing media.

After 4 investigations of President Trump, millions of pages or documentation, thousands of search warrants, no executive privilege exerted, hundreds of depositions in front of a grand jury, no collusion was found. No conspiracy was found and no obstruction was found. It the democratic resourced Mueller investigation team could have recommended President be charged with something they would have.

Stop drinking the Koolaide and open you eyes. And no, I am no big President Trump supporter but am very concerned about the attempted coup and impeachment of a duly elected President of the United States. How this all started, who was involved and all the crimes committed to getting President Trump have to come to light and be prosecuted to the fullest. Otherwise it will happen again and again.


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