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Re: Looking Duck Boat Suggestion
The TDB, slip into cattails as well as anything... I think.

I had a TDB14 knock off. I left my grassed up all year. As I do with my Devlin Scaup. I was always amaze how well the flat bottomed TDB 14 Classic handled rough water. That being said. If I was in the market for a 14' boat. It would be the TDB14 SeaClass or a Devlin BBIII.

First pic is my TDB 14 Classic-ish.. and the others are my 17' Scaup

***Phil (Chesapeake Boy) Nowack***

Nothing like the north wind pushing snow at your back, a bird in your hand, and chessie with ice on his coat at your side.

Birds brought to you courtesy of Nikon, Benelli, Kodi, and Otter

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