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Thai style ruffed grouse and honey mushroom stir fry
Four ruffed grouse breasts, legs and thighs marinated a minimum of four hours in:

2Tbs. low-sodium soy sauce, 2Tbs.. sesame oil, 1Tbs. oyster sauce, 1/2Tbs. Thai fish oil, 1Tsp. white pepper freshly ground, 1Tbs. minced ginger, 1/2 cup of rice wine
(vermouth is a very close substitute, dry sherry is also close, but not as close as a substitute).

1 1/2Tbs. of peanut oil in a wok or heavy fry pan

Two pounds of fresh honey mushrooms. Straw mushrooms and shitakes would be substitute options.

Medium high heat and the peanut oil tossed in the Wok. When it gets hot enough, saute the mushrooms until they begin to reduce in size, but not to the point where they turn dark brown. Remove to a bowl to rest.

Add the grouse to the Wok, after you drain and save the marinade. Add a quarter cup of toasted sesame seeds as this sears. When fully seared, turn the heat back and add the mushrooms, followed by the marinade. I add 3 diagonal cut green onion bases and let them cook a couple of minutes, then add the julienned tops immediately prior serving.

Serve over cellophane noodles.

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