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Need some tire/rim education please
So, I have inherited Steve's little travel trailer. 24 ft and it is the one we used the first year we were in MT and we used it as turkey and quail camp a few times. The problem is there is no spare tire and last turkey season we blew one of the tires bringing it back here to my house at the end of the season. Spectacularly blew it. So, I would like to have a spare for the trailer.

A perhaps not so much of a problem, other than potential jerkwad problem, is that someone either lost their spare tire or dumped it in my ditch in front of my house. I am leaning towards giving the benefit of the doubt since the rim does not look too bad and the rubber is still useable as a tire and it is still inflated. Buuuut finders keepers.

Sooooooo knowing nothing about tire and rim interchangeability or even what to begin searching for in keywords, I figured I would come here for some help. Here are the pictures with the tire numbers for the found spare and a tire on the trailer.

R14 is on the trailer currently and D14 is on the found spare. Can I use the found rim and put an R14 tire on it? What do the R and D codes mean?

Is there a tires for dummies sort of link that can help me understand tires so I know what I am looking for when I go to get some?



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