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Re: Transducer mount
Sorry, been away from any internet for a few days.

I'd like to say I picked the right one for the job but I just used whatever roll was in my drawer. I wanted a thinner bond line just to keep the area where the water could get to as thin as possible. I didn't run any sealant around the edge, just left it open but you could always run sealant (silicone) around it if desired.

And what I actually did was to bond a block of aluminum to my duckboat and then I tapped in some screw holes to attach the transducer mount. This way when I'm not fishing, i remove the transducer and put the screws in the holes.

There is a 3M helpline number you can call and you would get an expert to answer your question. I could have given you the direct phone number of the expert in this area but he retired the same day I did. The number might be (800) 3M HELPS. Say you want help with a VHB (Very High Bond) tape application and you will be sent right over to someone.

One last thing, the VHB tape is not the same as a double sided tape. On double sided tape, it is a piece of foam with adhesive coated on both sides. With VHB, the whole tape is the adhesive. Much stronger.


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