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For Sale; 6 Dozen Herter's D 63 Coot Decoys, longlines, and totes
Hello everyone!

Thinning the herd, and making some room in the garage.

I have 6 dozen D63s on (Bob Metrich) Decoy Rigs longlines (12 Decoys/line). Each Dozen is housed in its own 30 gallon tote. Two Dozen have original Herter's Coots heads. The bodies on these have been coated with ground up corn husks. The other 4 dozen have appropriately sized Toledo Decoys Scaup heads that I ground the bills down, to more resemble Coots. They are not covered with ground up corn husks. This 4 dozen could easily be converted to Scaup/Redhead decoys, with a paint job, but as mentioned, the bills have been ground down to more resemble the bill of a Coot. All 6 dozen are in good condition, having seen little use.

Stored in totes, when deployed, the totes are stacked inside each other to reduce space in your boat. The totes can also serve as shipping boxes (Buyer pays shipping), although you might be close enough to NW Indiana to pick them up at my house. I would also consider drliving a reasonable distance to deliver them, for a very reasonable added cost.

Interested parties can email me for pictures at

Cost is $600.00 for all, as listed. Thank you for your consideration. As we all know, Coots are among the best confidence decoys. Merry Christmas to you and your Families!
Mark Rongers

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