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Re: Layout boats.
The generation I Bankes pumpkinseed had the ability to roll-over, particularly when the hunter tried to take steep angle shots in the arc behind the cockpit that required the them to turn and rise to prop their upper torso angainst the cockpit coaming when there was a steep chop running. Bankes redesigned the boat to lower the center of gravity. I have read no more reports of issues. Layout Addictions and UFO both build quality layout boats as well. I think Tony Homer gobbled-up the Busick and MLB badges, so you can conclude quite accurately that the designs now suffer. I had a Bankes one-man Hercules that I just sold to two younger waterfowlers-very hard to part with it. These are towable in all but the worst conditions, stable and very roomy and highly comfortable if you are over 6 foot and wear an XL coat. I wear a size 11 shoe and am just under 6"-4" at 234lbsTy. They float a little high, so they are a bit noisy as the surface chop slurps against the chine. Typical Bankes build quality standards and service.

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