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Re: What's on your WORK BENCH - October 2021
Something on my bench, and something under it.

A quick little project was turning a mallet from Bois D'arc for a froe and restoring an old camp axe that I bought in 1990 and kept in my first truck for many years. From there is was relegated to a dark corner in the shed and covered in cobwebs. Pulled it out and remembered just what a handy size it was so the handle was sanded and refinished and head sharpened like a razor and protected with a new sheath. It and the mallet/froe combination will see plenty of use this fall splitting firewood at the Ryan brothers duck cabin adjacent to Jackson County WMA where we hang out leading up to a during the season.

Secondly, I am in the home stretch of the drawer project I started last month. I opted for hardwood runners after pricing bearing slides for these 24x30 oversized drawers. It would have been over a grand so there you go, good old wood runners. Funny thing is when waxed they are just as easy to operate and I find them more pleasing. All that is left is to machine and attach the pine fronts and then the handles. Should wrap it up this week.

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