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Re: What's on your WORK BENCH - October 2021
Eric Patterson wrote:
Dang Dave, those bends look true. I like it. You use a brake?



Nope. Made a cereal box cardboard pattern to get the bend locations. Clamped along the bend line with a hand clamp for wood working and just used raw muscle against a open wood surface to generate the sharp bends. For the large round bend around the cup, I did a series of hand bends over an "anvil" (my 3/4 diameter tool rest on my wood lathe). Just kept going back and forth closing the radius as I went.

Pretty soft aluminum but stiffened up well with the finished form.

PS. Missed your last couple postings, Nice work yourself.

Take care, Huntindave McCann Smile SHELL ROCK IA. ,,,,,, "As sailors grow older, the wiser ones move to smaller boats." Thomas Firth Jones, Multihull Voyaging

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Huntindave McCann: Oct 18, 2021, 3:01 PM

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