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Re: NDR: Merry Christmas; Second Deer; Testing a Portable Gambrell System
Quote: "I thought how blessed I am to even think of doing this at 67."

My thoughts exactly (although my number is a bit higher Wink ).
Congrats on another deer AND on the successful implementation of your plan and the eqipment you devised.
Thought you might appreciates a pic of something you authored, that gets carried in the "possibles box" in my boat to be referenced at the start of every season. Looks like I added this particular copy to my files in 2014, but I know the originals dated back quite a few years earlier to the old MLB Forum days.
It's become part of my first hunt of the season ritual and always been a good way to start each season on the first trip out, and to reflect on some of the good people I've met and interacted with through Duckboats ( Lee, Steve, Howard, Duane, etc.) as well as to be grateful for the privelege of being able to return to the marshes for another season.


"Art is like an ill-trained Labrador retriever that drags you out into traffic." (Annie Dillard)

....Here's to Joe Wooster, who made me realize that the useful could and should be beautiful; and who firmly believed that decoy carvers were the last free men in America.

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