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Re: 14ft hawk tdb clone trying to gather info

They are solid built boats, last built in Glen Gardner NJ about 100 mi from LI. I did some research on these shortly before I purchased my 14' TDB. In my opinion even after having the TDB for years now those Hawk HT14 boats are a great design as they were built around the idea of improving Bill & Dean Clark's design. I believe these boats came about in 2000 and the owner Mark from what I heard passed away a few years back owned "High Tech Marine". Mark used to be a sales dealer for TDB Duck Wrangler and Banks he decided to make his own design Unfortunately not too many were made out there, They are definitely wider, have a better transom design, they did have a kevlar hull design and more resin then the TDB's. The hull weighed more as it was infused with more glass no wood all hand laid built.The factory accessories were outsourced blind, cover etc.. I think made by Hoover's shop. Steve Hoover of Duckwater was close with Mark I believe they sold the boats together way back when up until 07-09 something like that. That hull is often called The Wrangler 15 too, but I have no idea what it was officially called. I picked the TDB over the HT14 back then as I got a deal I couldn't pass up but that HT14 is easier to get into and I liked the other options too. Solid boat don't think you'll regret the purchase. GLWS!

Long Island, NY

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