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Re: Life vest recommendations
Steve Sanford wrote:

Concur re waders + float coat. My 5mm neoprene "farmer John's" are good peace of mind - but I'm looking for a new float coat/jacket. Your recommendation?

Also, is a float coat (longer) as handy as a float jacket (shorter)? I'm thinking the coat might be fine when sitting upright on a seat/bucket - but maybe uncomfortable if on my back in a Scooter or Sneakbox?

Finally, I seem to recall seeing you in an olive float coat/jacket? I would prefer that over camo (because of my Old School proclivities/peculiarities).

All the best,


I own a bunch of float coats, they are all Mustang bomber style (so short). I just looked and it looks like they no longer make them in olive and it is hard to find the "Classic Bomber" on their website, although it appears that they are available online (but not in olive). Mustang is what I see the commercial guys and USCG wearing, so that is what I've always bought, I don't know about the other options.

Me modeling my original Mustang Classic Bomber back when I was young and fat.

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