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Is there another way
Several years back we purchased a cabin. Over time, we have been working on improving the place as it was built in 1986 and is a log home (what a lot of work a log home is). Finally found a painter who knew what to do with logs and that has been completed. A whole new place now.

Anyway. The original owner had created a spot about halfway down between the cabin and the lakefront. He made a level spot with some boulder retaining walls. In this spot sits an old cast iron bench seat. The ends of the bench seat are cast iron and in between there was wood slats to sit on. The wood was rotted so I removed it thinking this is going to be a very easy project. As all things with this place, I should have known better. I took the boards to the big box stores and a lumber yard and the slats on the bench are either narrower, or wider than what is available today. The slats are about 2.25" wide and 4' long so a 1" X 3" doesn't fit nor a 1"X2".

I don't own a table saw and am wondering if anyone has an easy way to cut down a 1" x 4" or 1X3 board to the proper width. I own a circular saw, a jigsaw, sawzall and sliding compound miter saw.

Oh, and this is duck related as i can sit on this bench and watch ducks on the lake all day.

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