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Real Names - One More Time
Those that have been here for any length of time know that it is a requirement that you use your real name, or close variant. At one time we had open registration but that ended when people didn't read the rule at sign-up and registered with web handles instead of their real name. Once the registration process started only those using real names were validated. Roughly 1/2 were never validated for not reading/following the rule. Recently we made a change to the sign-up form which brought the rule to attention better and greatly reduced rejected registrations. However, after doing that some folks have taken to modifying their accounts AFTER they are onboard. Unacceptable. I have contacted numerous folks about this and it usually is unpleasant. I've been challenged, insulted, and ignored. Enough is enough. We are now going to a zero tolerance policy. After one warning accounts will be deleted for violating the rule. I'm giving one warning for the benefit of someone who signed up before the rule was placed in effect and wasn't aware. If you see someone in violation please direct them to this post. This rule is not up for debate. Below are examples of what is acceptable and what is not. If you want to associate a screen name you use at other sites here then edit your profile and place it in your signature.

John David Doe (Acceptable)
John D (Acceptable)
J Doe (Acceptable)
JDD (Acceptable but not very friendly)
Idaho John (Acceptable)

Duckwhacker (NOT Acceptable)
DuckGod (NOT Acceptable)
AutoLoader (NOT Acceptable)
Big Woody (Not Acceptable unless your name actually is Woody)
I could go on forever but hopefully you get the picture.

Finally, to those of you that find this rule objectionable or want to challenge it, don't. Not trying to be rude or insulting but you should choose another online waterfowling community. We have our own way of doing things. If it's not to your liking or makes you uncomfortable I encourage you to find a community with rules more to your tastes.

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Eric Patterson: Feb 22, 2008, 9:16 AM

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