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Drake Warning
I thought I'd post up and try to help my fellow hunters avoid any problems they may have with Drake Equaders and Drake Jackets with the Magnattach pockets. I have spoken directly with a rep from Drake regarding this and am very happy with their response and interest in my complaint.

Fellow hunters with pacemakers.... Please be very careful when considering ordering the above mentioned Drake products. The magnets in them can/do interfere with my (and possibly your) pacemaker functioning properly. I did not see the warning tag Drake placed on the zipper pull of my LST Jacket and went right out hunting with my highly anticipated jacket and waders. 6+ hours later of one uncomfortable hunt I got home and took off the my jacket and waders and shared with my wife my issues.Once out of the jacket and waders I noted my pacer went right back to leaving me alone until I need. My wife dug through the trash and found the warning tag.

Needless to say I was deeply upset and my wife was/is pissed. I had to go to my V.A. cardiologist and have my pacer checked (I'm fine) to make certain there was no long term damage to the machine. Doctor says I should have known about magnets, but understood why it slipped my mind.

I contacted Drake with my complaint of their warnings being non-existent in ANY me, I looked! They, slowly, responded and seemed to truly care about my reaction to the magnets. I spoke with a polite young man and he gave me some line about their copywriters leaving the warning off for brevity's sake. I stated I felt that was unacceptable and they could easily place an asterisk and a warning to pacer wearers that their product may have adverse effects. I also stated that the zipper tag warning could be larger or placed on TOP of the other 3-4 hangers. He stated he'd share my suggestions with Drake and we left it at that.

I've had a seamstress remove all of the magnets and replace them with sewn on tabs of velcro. Drake's products are exactly as impressive as they advertise and I'm glad I have them.

However, I felt I must share the warning so as to prevent anyone else not enjoying their hunt while their pacer kicks them in the chest without cardiac cause.

Once more, to avoid being touted as a Drake spokesperson....I am in no way associated with Drake beyond using their products. I don't even have a Drake sticker on my truck... or a DC one either.

Mike in CT

Mike in Florida panhandle... NOWHERE near your spot