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Picture from 2013

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Picture from 2013
This was as good as it got this past season. Headed out west for the Minnesota opener with10 other guys. We had quite the gathering - food was good, company was full of high hopes and the duck hunting was outstanding.

The picture is with the group of guys I hunted with. We have our spot and trend to hunt this one place every year. This year we had competition as someone else learned of it and beat us by not more than 5 minutes. We hit the secondary spot on the same pothole and hunkered down. Took a little while but each of the 5 came home with a limit of ducks and a couple of geese to boot. Second day had results similar to the first with slightly less teal and a couple more geese.

The guys in the photo I have known for over 30 years. The guy next to me I have known for over 45 years. When did my hat get so small?

Mark W

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