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I have been a member here for as long as the site has been around. Made many friends here, hunted with a few of them, Ice fished with a few, camped with a few and shared stories with many over the years. Seen a couple of good buddies from the site pass on to a better place.

One person in general I have met is Rin Schuna. Met him on the site when I was looking for help resoring a beat up Alumnacraft Ducker I had purchased. Ron provided advice via emails and phone calls and invited me out to his place so he could see first hand what I was dealing with. Drove out there and he pounded out a few dents and shared how his tools worked. I asked him that I probably needed at least another hour of instruction by example but he saw through me. Lent me his tools to use for as long as needed.

He then showed me around his place and I learned he had a love of music as did I. We both played in bands when we were younger and he was still doing so. Didn't think much of it until recently.

A friend of mine (Mark) since grade school was a guitarist. I don't know where I saw it first but somehow I learned that Mark and Ron had played, and still occansionally play together at a bar in Wisconsin. Not full time but once in awhile. Small world right?

My buddy Mark passed away about a month ago to very aggressive cancer. Spoke with him at out 45th HS reuion earlier and learned he had cancer. He said he didn't think he would make the 50th. Learned from his wife he was praying he would see Thanksgiving this year in reality. So sad he didn't make it.

His memorial was unlike any I have ever been to. I wouldn't even call it a tribute. More like a party. A big time party with several local bands playing a set or so. As I'm sitting at the table, I happen to look at the door and see Ron walking in with his wife. Here is that small world again. We chat for awhile and I head outside for a little while. Those who I was at the memorial with let and I walked back in and sat with Ron, his wife and a buddy of hiw. I had to laugh when I was asked how Ron and I met. Naturally I had to say "online".

Anyway, Eric, if you ever wonder if the site makes a difference in peoples lives - it does. It brings joy and a shared passion of the duck hunting we love so much. We make new friends that we know we can ask for help and get it without payback.

Thank you Eric.

Here is a picture of Ron and I at the "Memorial" yesterday. Really enjoyed our conversation.

Mark W

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This kinda stuff is why I've been here almost since day
Nice and proper way to honor your friends life. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for your post and I definitely remember Ron. At times the water fowling community is smaller than we think, and I like it that way. A lot of folks have entered this community, some move on, some stay around. You never know when your paths will cross but it's neat when they do.

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Mark, I am sorry about the loss of your friend.

I agree with all you have said about this site. It's one of the main reasons I stick around, even though I don't duck hunt as much anymore. This is an almost daily stop in to see what's going on in y'alls world. And I know if I needed help with something, someone here can and will offer help.
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Sorry for the loss of your friend Mark. You and I have tipped a few back over the years and with others from the site. Dani and I hunted together when I moved to Florida and with others from the Midwest. Like you I've shared emails and texts with Ron about boats, hunting as well as music. Hopefully one day we will meet in person. I miss the Midwest Duckboat get togethers.

Take care,

Ed L.
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That is a GREAT story Mark, thanks for sharing.

The camaraderie here is one of the reasons I (and many others) keep returning, even if it's just to poke my head up for a second.


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