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Coot reaper
I have not had not posted very much this season. I have been busy with a new baby and hunting. I thought I would share a cool story. My brother and I were cruising the river yesterday when a coot, traveling the same direction as we were, floated right up over the boat. Temptation got the best of me, so I reached up and caught it. After admiring his beauty and defense strategy of biting my finger. I set him free unharmed. It was the best laugh we have had in a long time. I have had them fly into me numerous times early in the morning, but have never snatched one out of the air bare handed. Season has been good so far. Tough at times, but it always gets better.
Take care and be safe, especially in our fog,
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Re: Coot reaper In reply to
...patience grasshoppa... not until you snatch the coot from the air....

i would have had to see that... and the drive by cooting as well...

hope all is well with the new youngster.