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"You Were There"

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"You Were There"
When I took my then young daughter on a road trip to Delaware to pick out a new Lab pup out of five handsome boys "You Were There"
After 6 months of training I introduced Sammy to the great sport of waterfowling and he got his first Mallard and a goose "You Were There"
After a few years and Dad retiring from hunting and my son too busy with girls and school to hunt I knew I would never hunt alone because "You Were There"
When the broadbills were in thick and rounding the point with the sun rising and shining through their flashing wings "You Were There"
When the bay froze over and nobody wanted to goose hunt and the birds were flying low and slow and I filled a limit.."You Were There"
When my son decided hunting ducks wasnt so bad after all and setup his own boat."You Were There"
When I made that perfect double on mallards off the tip of my sneak box."You Were There"
When me and Mo filled our limits on a frigid closing day with the coffee freezing in the mugs."You Were There"
When we finally got upstate to hunt wood ducks and for the first time you weren't at my side I realized that in my heart "You Were There"
"Angie's Little Black Coal"
Feb 2002-Oct 2015
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Sorry to hear about your loss, good that you have all those memories to look back at. Never easy losing a good friend.

Shawn R Linn
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I've been there too. Don't wait an morn. If you can do it at all, find a pup or rescue a young dog. The joys are worth more than the pain.

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Damn fine tribute.

So Sorry for your loss. I too have been there a few times.

I agree, go get a pup, or a rescue dog. But be careful though, you just might get just as attached to the next one.


"Each decoy you touch holds memories of, past, present and God Willing, future hunts. The places, birds, men, boats, dogs and days you spent doing what you so dearly love and enjoy"- Vince Pagliaorli
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Yes, they always are here with us, in our hearts.

Mobile, AL
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Sorry to hear about your loss...yeah, they are always there in our memories. That was a great tribute.

The perils of duck hunting are great- especially for the duck. ~Walter Cronkite