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Six Weeks Into Retirement: Checking In: Part 1

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Six Weeks Into Retirement: Checking In: Part 1
Guys and Dani,
I have now been retired for six weeks. One thing is for sure: moving is a heck of a lot of work. While unpacking and finding our way around Raleigh has occupied most of our time, I have had the opportunity to do some projects and scouting. Here is a journal of my first six weeks.

Boxes, boxes, boxes: this pic is from our home back on Hilton Head Island just prior to move. Yuk!

The import stuff is ready to travel: here is a pic of my Old Town 119 and my Boston Whater 15 ?? Sport ready to roll. My Mad River Duck Hunter, already in the garage in Raleigh, was the first proud resident in our new home.

The two canoes are getting used to their new digs. The bow and stern plates are missing in the Duck Hunter as they are being stained.

My Mad River Royalex came with a few cold cracks. They are being repaired with some JB Weld plastic bond which has some give to it. It seems to be working well.

The Mad River also has plenty of battle scars due to rocks and rivers. These scratches are in the paint, not through the fiberglass. I am using Krylon olive paint to cover them and, once I get some Kevlar cloth, will tape in keel protection. (Kevlar seems to be in short supply these days!)

The Mad River Duck Hunter on Lake Raleigh: This was my first sojurn with a bag of decoys for weight up front and my 2 hp Johnson to push it. All I can say is that this is a wonderful boat. I used it four ways on one day: with a motor, with a paddle, with a kayak paddle, and ala stand up paddle board. Each style worked well. The ability to stand up safely is particularly nice for 65 year old knees. Painting is still in process. Lake Raleigh is a park in Wake County and apparently the puddlers know it. I saw several broods of mallards and even a few blue wings totaling about 60 birds. In one morning I saw more pudllers than in all of my nine years in the Hilton Head area.

The Eno River near Durham was my first attempt at discovering local waters. A pretty stream to fly fish for panfish and just go for a walk. It has the look of a trout stream but its warm water.

A small creek I will explore with my Old Town 119.

A new house deserves a new tool! I sold my Delta Contractor saw to save room in our garage. I purchased the lovely DeWalt 7480, which, when you replace the original blade (24 tooth) with a 60 tooth blade, cuts beautifully. The Black and Decker Workmate is a temporary stand for the new saw.

First project: book cases, or are they ?duck cases??

(Reached the ten pic limit; continued in a new post).