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Last night I tried a new recipe I sort of adapted from chicken cordon blue. Start with a mallard or black duck breast. Skin on or off, it doesn't matter.

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.

In a seperate bowl, mix equal parts of blue cheese crumbles and bacon bits crumbles (like you get at Costco). For 2 breasts you will need enough finished product to equal about 1 and a half times a golf ball.

Then, using a thin, sharp knife, make a slit in the thick side of the breast. Make sure your slit is in the thickest part of the breast as you are forming a pocket to be stuffed.

Stuff half of your cheese/bacon mix into each cavity. Because my slit making is usually crooked, I use a thin metal turkey skewer or a wood skewer to keep the slit closed.

The dredge the breasts in an egg bowl followed by coating with either seasoned bread crumbs or a Shake and Bake kind of coating.

Baking for 30 minutes will give you a rare breast. Bake 5 additional minutes for medium breasts.

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