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FRED my best friend

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FRED my best friend
Yesterday morning, about this time Fred our much loved family member was at the vet for the last time.

At eighteen years & four months, the poor old guy was just plain wore out, and not well.

I prayed for strength for my wife Mary Lee, (Fred's Mom) and for myself,. but FRED was stronger than both of us.

He went peacefully, with style, serenity, and class, just as he had lived all his life.

I prayed over him as Mary Lee felt his last heartbeats, and then he was gone.

Our tears have not yet stopped flowing.

Our vet called Fred a "well loved, real pleaser", as she had cared for him, and had gotten to know him very well.

If she only knew...

When I retired, Mary Lee and I got married and I moved to western NY. Nine years and four months ago FRED was my first and only friend.

He took me on daily walks in all seasons at the Village Park a half block from our home. There he introduced me to good folks, and good dogs that lived close by.

We would go on rides often, that always were scouting trips, and no birds or animals escaped his eyes or nose. Mary Lee would take photos and FRED and I would go "a lookin'.

Whenever I came home from hunting, or butchering game, or in the kitchen cooking FRED always was by my side. Checking things out and making sure I was doing things correctly.

In the kitchen he loved the smell of fresh garlic when it was sauteing, and also the smell of organic Cinnamon when I made a pot of steel cut oats. He was my sous chef.

When we cam home from the Vet yesterday it was the first time since our marriage, that I ate a bowl of steel cut oatmeal without sharing it with FRED.

This morning I am bumping about like a lost man. No FRED to take me out when he needed to go, or to get me to prepare his and my meds for the day.

No FRED to be close by when I painted, or was messing about with decoys and any kind of outdoor gear.

He would always watch with interest when new hunting & fishing seasons began and ended. He would poke his head around and inspect my gear no matter where it was.

People might say that he was not a hunting dog because I did not take him, but he was very much so.

He had one weakness. Tim Bits from Tim Hortons, and on special occasions Mary Lee or I would get, and give him some. The folks working the drive thru window knew him.

The night before he passed I went and got a box (10) of Tim Bits. Broke them up so he could eat them, and he did all but two.

FRED was well loved and known around town by many. Mary Lee was known as FRED'S mom, and myself the old guy that FRED took for long walks.

He had style and class and made me look good where ever we went together.

It will be very strange for me to take a walk anywhere without FRED.

The void in our life at this time, is so vast we cannot see the other side, but it is there.

May God Help US.

We love and miss you very much FRED.

You were much more than a Good Dog, you were a Special Soul.

Vince & Mary Lee

"Art does not reproduce what is visible - but makes things visible." ~ Paul Klee, artist, 1920
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