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She Lives
Finally got the duckboat in the water after taking the motor apart and doing a few maintenance items like water pump assembly, thermostat, new prop, skeg and a couple of other very small things. Not a big deal any of it but I have only replaced a head gasket on this motor previously and just haven't done much on small Marine motors.

1. It starts. Which means I didn't muck up anything fuel related. And I fixed the pull start.
2. It idles
3. It pees. Which means the thermostat is working and I put the impeller in the right way. It pees strong. Haven't seen that in a long time
4. It goes forward in forward and reverse in reverse. Didn't muck up anything there.
5. It screams. The new prop is night and day difference (thanks Eric for pointing out the obvious to everyone but me old prop being pretty worn). Takes a little while longer to get going but when wide open it screams. Might have to hold onto my cap when flying across the lake from now on.

Guess this makes me a master mechanic now. I'm open for business. Thank you everyone for the advice and suggestions. Most certainly helpful.


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Mark W: May 20, 2022, 5:06 AM
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