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Waterfowl wealth

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Waterfowl wealth
Over the years that I have been on this wonderful site. I have read some great stories of fathers taking their kids hunting for the first time. Or their people telling tales of their first hunt and birds. Great stories that get us thinking about life. And how lucky we have been to be duck hunters.

Over the years I have written about waterfowl wealth many times. And ever time it gets a good following. Wealth as far as money or normal waterfowl possession isn't what I am talking about. I'm talking about the stories of mans best friend, or a gun handed down over the years from your dad. Or a decoy you made ! and the first bird you shot over it. Memories of sitting in a blind with your kids, or your grandpa, Real wealth.

For me it was my best friend . Who happen to be a big yellow lab named Henry of the Hudson. Henry came to me at just under one years old. You see Henry was given to me by a good friend. Because he had two other dogs plus Henry. His wife was a baker and she would make pies and put them on the kitchen table. The dogs would go nuts because they wanted pies. But only one dog was smart enough to get on the table to eat the pies. That was Henry of the Hudson. Anyway! everyone tried to tell me you can't train a dog that is already a year old. While! was they wrong. Everyday Henry and I was out training. I could leave Henry five hundred yards away sitting. And blow on my whistle and that dog would come a running. I could stop him on a dime. He could find a duck that others dogs would give up on. I had 18 years of happiness with Henry. They were some of the best years of my life. The greatest waterfowl wealth that this man ever had. Henry was like hitting the waterfowl lotto.

anthony sr
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