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old and new

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old and new
I waited almost a month to post this.
Our old dog Rose, died. She was my first Lab and my first hunting dog. We learned a lot abut dog training, duck hunting and each other over the last 15 1/2 years.
I was on a 3-day trip when she had a seziure. My wife and kids took her to the vet on Friday afternoon. She died that Sunday morning.
I was in Albany, NY.
We had a dog funeral on the following Monday evening.
Angel, our 6 year old lab seems to miss her as much as I do.

Two weeks ago, my wife and 10 yr old daughter conspired and bought a puppy.
They are now the happy owners of a brown standard poodle, which by default makes me a poodle owner too.
My daughter is going on her first duck hunting trip, with her shotgun this season.
She wants to train her own dog and in the process I think they'll learn a lot about dog training, duck hunting and each other.
East Bernard, TX
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