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Carver's Corner Archive

This section of showcases the decoy making talents of Duck Boat/Hunting Forum participants. 

Carver Status Waterfowl on Display
Jason Russell - Gadsden, AL Professional Gadwall, Ringneck, Canada, Merganser, Black Duck, Scaup, Bufflehead, Mallard
Greg Sorrell - Greenville, NC Recreational Ringneck, Scaup
Joe Friday - Greenville, NC Recreational Canvasback, Scaup
Vincent Giannetto - Edgewater Park, NJ Professional Wood Duck, GWT, BWT, Pintail
Jim Chamberlin - St. Simon Island, GA Recreational Black Duck
Chuck Firestone - Salem, OH Professional Canvasback, Wood Duck, Mallards
Runamuck Decoy Carvers Professional Numerous
Stefane Bougie - Valleyfield, Quebec Professional Black Duck, GW Teal, Canvasback
Tom Reder - Valparaiso, IN Professional Mallards
Bill Wasson - Thomaston, Maine Professional Mallard, Blacks, Wood Ducks,Scaup and Eider
Tim Bombardier - Richmond, VT Professional Bufflehead Rig, Black Duck Rig, Goldeneye, Gadwall
Mark Costilow - Amherst, OH Professional Gadwall, Hen Mallard, Greenwing Teal, Scaup Rig
Capt. Jeff Coats - Bel Air, MD Professional Numerous
Pat Gregory - Bloomington, IL Professional Mallards, Black Ducks, Canada Geese, Pintail
John Cottenham - Beaverton, MI Professional Bufflehead, Ringneck, Canvasbacks
Ross Smoker - Selinsgrove, PA Professional Ringneck, Gadwall, Redhead
Ronald Bock Recreational Pintail, Widgeon, Mallard, BWT
Andy Pope - Winston Salem, NC Recreational Greenwing Teal, Ruddy Ducks, Canvasback, Ringnecks
Mark Vanderhoof - Union Springs, NY Professional Scaup, Wood Duck Rig, Goldeneye, Canvasback
Mark Champlin - Rochester, NY Recreational Pintail, Bufflehead, Canvasback, Hooded Merganser
Chuck Broomell - E. Petersburg, PA Professional Pintail, GW Teal, Can, Redhead, Scaup, Ringneck, Canada, Brant
Frank Peeters - St. Clair Shores, MI Professional Old Squaw, Hooded Merg., Canvasback, Widgeon
Bill Parsons- Magnolia, TX Professional Pintail, Shorebirds, Dove, Mixed Rig
Ronnie Ladd - Augusta, AR Professional Wood Duck, Widgeon, Can, Black, Hoodie
Mike Larson & Howard Putz - Lesueur/ St. Paul , MN Recreational Wood Duck, Mallards, Flying Mallard
George Root - Mt. Joy, PA Professional Black Duck, Wood Duck, Mallards, Shovelers
Mike Burt - Grinnell, IA Recreational Mallard, Black, Pintail, GW Teal