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Duckboat Specs

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Boat Blinds

Canoes, Kayaks and Pirogues

Large Boats and Tenders

Layout Boats

Marsh Boats and Skiffs

Scull Boats

Sneak Boats

Other Craft

Old Hunting Boats No Longer In Production

Old Unidentified Boats

Historic Hunting Boats

The information presented here was obtained from boat manufacturers, distributors and/or from boat owners. Although I have tried to get the most accurate information available, the information presented is not guaranteed to be accurate. This is a not-for-profit web site, and the information is for general comparisons only.

Boating Safety – Every prospective boat buyer should be aware of the standards for manufacturers of recreational boats set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 33, Subchapter S – Boating Safety, Part 179 – Defect Notification, Part 181 – Manufacturer Requirements, and Part 183 – Boats and Associated Equipment. Prospective buyers may want to inquire of the manufacturer whether the boats offered for sale meet those standards. Those federal statutes may be viewed at the following web site:

If you plan to build your own boat, The United States Coast Guard publication "Safety Standards For Backyard Boat Builders" may be viewed at the following web site:

Y’all be careful out there.