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Any of you guys ever shoot Turrs?

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Any of you guys ever shoot Turrs?
I stumbled across this on the web. I taught some kids from this part of NFLD and they told me about it, but I didn't believe them that you just sit in a boat and they fly by you - no decoys or flagging or anything. Its not Argentina, but it might be fun!

Here's the reply I got when I emailed them:

Hi Mike,

In response to your inquiry re turr hunting, we hunt them mostly in flight, as we are directly in the path of their southward flight for the winter. Occasionally, the birds are in the water, so we can shoot at them there. We hunt from open boats and we go about 2 - 3 km. from land. We do not use decoys as there is no advantage with the birds in flight most of the time.

Duck hunting is a different hunt. When we hunt eider ducks, we hunt them from land or from anchored camoflaged boat, using decoys. We land on some of the smaller islands off our coast, or from some points of land near our community of Fogo, and wait for the ducks to land in the water, usually with great success, weather permitting. Occasionally, the ducks are in flight, in which case we "wing them".. local term for shooting birds while they are flying. Either way is a very enjoyable hunt.

Our rates are $225. per day for one hunter; $150.00 per hunter per day for two or more hunters. This rate includes accommodations. Also, should a hunter not be able to hunt due to weather conditions, he/she will be charged for accommodations only, at $ 60.00 per night.

If you want any further info, please contact us.

We will send you a few of our business cards if you should wish to distribute them.


Clar Walbourne

Check out the accomodations on their web page. Knowing what I know about Newfies, you might be a stranger when you got to town, but you'd be like family by the time you left. I'd love to try it out sometime.


Here's the webpage I found. I don't know how to make a hot link yet.