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Another day out on the river with Amber

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Another day out on the river with Amber
Yesterday I took Amber out on the river again and on each sides of the river we have meadows with high grass, this was great for retrieving plactice and planting hidden dummys for her to find. She never onece failed the find the dummys and marked every one spot on when I thrown one for a long retrieve for her. I also managed to find a bit of History, I found a old Victorian sewer that was disused and very clean, it was about 300 yards long x8ft wide and 3ft walls on each side of it, this I will use to teach Amber to walk to heel off the leash, by rapping the leash around her kneck and leaving myself a short handle to grab incase I have to correct her, I will then waik her up the side of the wall repeating the command heel, this walking her up the side of the wall stops her pushing out on me and means she has got to stay close into my leg I will go up oneside of the sewer then come down the otherside. This will be a good aid to her OB side of training. Im hoping to to get back on the river shortly and get some photo,s taken then get them over to Lou to post for me. Thanks for taking the time to read this report.
Take care and God Bless
Eddie and Anber
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