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Survey of Devlin boat owners

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Survey of Devlin boat owners
Hello Everyone,

This has probably been done in the past, but I was wondering how many devlin boats are out there, and how you like your boat.

I have been on this forum for around nine months now, and I have gained valuable insight into a lot of duck boat issues, plus I have really enjoyed hearing about all types of duck hunting from all across the Country. I started off planning on building a Devlin Scaup, then started thinking about a BB III to compliment the Snow Goose a buddy and I built a few years ago. Now I'm back to the Scaup because there will probably be times when three of us and a dog hunt out of the boat. Although those few times that we take three people, we generally hunt one from shore, even with out Snow Goose. A typical hunt for me, would be to launch the boat and hour before legal shoot time, drive the boat anywhere from 1-6 mile up or down our fair size river, then set up in a slough off the river with the boat pushed into the cattails.

I would like to survey everyone who owns or hunts out of a Devlin designed duck boat. What boat is it, how or what type of duck hunting do you typically do, where, how do you like your boat and if you were to do it again; what boat or changes would you make?

Thanks for the time, I look forward to reading the responses.
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Re: Survey of Devlin boat owners In reply to
Hi John,

boat: Snow Goose
Changes wish list: none
degree of satisfaction: High
Why do I like it?: roomy, fast, turning, cancelability, draws 7" easily poled.
Great to fish out of (low sides, comfortable deck to stand on)

Scaup's a nice boat, good luck and have fun during your search.

From CT
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BB3 In reply to
I built a BB3 several years ago after considering the Scaup. I love the BB3 and would build it the same way if I had to again. I have hunted this rig on big water such as Green Bay but it is best in the confines of the Mississippi River bordering Wisconsin - one of my favorite places in the country.


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Re: Survey of Devlin boat owners In reply to
BB3 about 4 years ago. I use it in really shallow lakes that have huge water level changes through the season as the glaciers melt and then stop melting by the end of September. I have yet to give up on the boat and go with a mud boat like my buddies, but I have installed a jack plate and will be installing some trim wedges to help get the boat up on step a little better. With the jack plate it sinks the back end more than it used to and trimming it up and in and out has resulted in no changes in attitude so I am left with adding trim wedges to the hull. I am also considering a shallow blaster style cavitation plate.

The lakes are medium sized and shallow and don't get much chop built up so I have never tested the boat like the guys in the midwest. When these lakes do get large chop on them the wind is coming off the glacier at over 50 mph and the birds have been blow out to the mudflats where it is safer for them.

I have never had more than two guys and a dog in the boat - so no more than 600 lbs of guys/dog/stuff. We don't use many decoys here since the birds are still in family groups until they leave for the states.

I tried to do the boat blind thing but the lakes have grass beds that are rarely over 12 inches tall. We have done some layout in the grass style hunting and it works OK on the young birds early on. I normally use the boat to get me to some "firm" ground in the swamp and hunt from shore using natural cover. Since I can't just blast through the swamp I have had to learn how to navigate and map the obsticles for the outboard. It has made me a better hunter in the process.

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Re: Survey of Devlin boat owners In reply to

I have a Devlin Broadbill as well as a Black Brant II. Built the Broadbill, and hunted it solo until my oldest son became interested in duck hunting. Now that I have a regular hunting partner, the Broadbill sees little use.

The first 3 pics are of my Broadbill. Love the boat- it's fast and agile, and can take some pretty heavy waves for its size or be drug through a couple inches of water (but it is a bit of work). Have hunted shallow marshes to large midwest lakes with it. Best modification was adding oar racks on the floor, one oar on each side. This makes for decoy racks under the side deck; they hold either 4 magnum or 5 regular decoys per side. But it is truly a 1 man/1dog boat.

The BB2 has been a good 2 person boat. We do about 24 mph fully loaded for duck hunting (the 2 of us + several dozen dekes) thanks to a Yamaha 25 hp 2-stroke. With the bungee corded curtains (like Eric used on his scaup) you can fit 2 dozen GHG scaup or 8 G&H magnum mallards under each of the 6 side deck compartments. We travel up to 6 miles from ramp to hunting location, both on big lakes and canals/rivers. The dodger and dyed raffia were last years additions, and they seem to have improved the huntability of the boat

You can carry 3 people in a BB2, but hunting more than two would be a challenge. We used to hunt the BB2 sideways, sitting up with our backs against the combing. Now that we have a dodger, I prefer to hunt the boat low blind. I also made a cockpit cover that unrolls (2 pieces of cordura sewn together with wooden slats for support) to further hide from the ducks. The BB2 takes some serious waves, but needs a bit more water to float. And it is no fun to drag through the muck.

Good luck with your decision!

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Re: Survey of Devlin boat owners In reply to
I have made two broadbills, one to plans, and one real lightweight, 1/8 inch 1088 with glass covering and 2" added to the front deck height.. As one person boats they are supurb!
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Re: Survey of Devlin boat owners In reply to

Changes: 1 :moved the motor to the back on a normal transom
2: installed an over hang to the deck in the bow as on a Snow Goose
3 : custom gun racks
4 : 32 ounces of tape at every hull seam

Very pleased with the boat perfect for 1 guy and a dog plus gear have hunted up to 3 guys and a dog ( a little crowded) Good luck with your choice