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My head is spinning with memories

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My deepest sympathy to you and yours. They are In reply to
great friends.
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Re: My deepest sympathy to you and yours. They are In reply to
Sorry for your loss Lee. The picture of Colby drinking a beer is one of my oldest memories of this site.

Stay strong and remember the great times you shared with him.

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memories are the best thing for healin In reply to
know this me son,
On every opening day from now on and every trip and even with the new dawg someday Colby will be with you all the way .Im very sorry for your loss cherish and hold them memories and stories of great times,for everytime you tell a story of Colby hell be smiling that smile with feather fluff stuck to his muzzle as much to say hey dad you shoot another and ill git em..
farewell Colby .

A proud member here since 18/11/2001
its all about the Kids,there the future of hunting ,pass it on
owner / Canadian Waterfowlers facebook group...
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Re: My head is spinning with memories In reply to
Lee so sorry this is so late in reply. I am very sorry to hear of your loss of Colby I know your pain that is for certain bother. Just keep all the
good memories fresh in your mind and think of him oftern eventulay the tears dont come as easy. Last night I redid Murphys old Tribute DVD video becasue I found new photos on an old disc of him and even noe 1 year and 8 months latter its still very hard to think about to long.

I hope you are well and healing

Dave - Gordy