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Wild pig recipes

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Wild pig recipes

Dave Diefenderfer
Manassas, VA

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Jerked Pork Loin:

This works well with wild pig. Use the backstrap portion that would be the equivalent of pork loin or pork chops. Tenderloin works well also. You can also use domestic pork or chicken.

Mix the following in a 1 quart glass bowl, and then pour into a gallon Zip-loc bag.
1/2 a 10 ounce jar of Walker's Wood Jamaican jerk paste, NOT the marinade the make-way too bland because it is nearly all water.
2cups cold water
1cup Dark Rum (I used Meyer's, but any rum that is not flavored will work)
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp coarse ground black pepper

Use a large fork or a couple of meat skewers to poke holes (roughly 20-25) throughout the pork piece and then drop into the marinade. Refrigerate for 24 hours prior grilling.
Grill over low to medium-low heat on a grill, basting ever 20-30 minutes with the marinade. Determine whether the pork is cooked (internal temp. of 150-155F) with a meat thermometer. Serve with corn grilled husk-on and a course greens salad.